Help! My hair is breaking, what do I do?

There are several things you can do to prevent hair breakage and even repair damaged hair. The first thing you want to do is to understand why your hair is breaking.

Why is Your Hair Breaking?

Have you done anything new to your hair that is causing damage such as bleaching or Damaged Hair Breakingusing a new hot tool?  Are you wearing ponytails that are too tight? Overusing hot tools or blow dryers you can burn the hair and cause it to break. If you are bleaching hair that has previously been bleached it will also break and your tresses may simply be handled too harshly.

Hair loss is different than hair breakage. We are specifically discussing the mid-shaft breaking of strands of hair, not loss from the scalp. Hair loss can occur for many reasons and it is normal to lose between 40 to 100 strands of hair a day in a renewal cycle. Abnormal loss that is excessive may require a consultation with a physician.

How Can You Keep Your Hair From Breaking?

When you are drying your hair use a towel to blot excess water, but do not rub you hair with the towel. If your hair tangles easily then use a leave-in conditioner. Gently remove tangles starting at the bottom and working your way up toward the scalp,  When hair is wet it is more elastic, so don’t over stretch the hair. Much like a rubber band, once the hair has over-expanded, it never goes back to it’s original place.

Drying your hair with a dryer that is too hot will weaken your hair, and you should maintain distance between the end of the dryer and the hair, especially if you do not have a nozzle on the end of the dryer to limit exposure of hot metal that can be on the end of some hair dryers.  The metal can get very hot and burn your hair right off. Use a brush that will be gentle and you will notice that as the hair becomes dryer, it will also be easier to bring the brush through the hair.  Boar bristle brushes are and excellent choice as they are more gentle.

Get your hair trimmed on a regular basis. Keep the ends of your hair fresh and new. Splits can travel. Most stylists recommend haircuts approximately 6 weeks apart.  If you are growing your hair to a longer length the stylist can trim as little as ¼ of an inch and your ends will stay fresh while your hair continues to grow.

How Can You Stop the Breakage Right Now?

Most stylists offer in salon treatments that will reduce most breakage and rebuild hair. This is usually a professional only product, so discuss this treatment with your stylist and schedule an appointment that will include a treatment with your next haircut or hair color service. Usually it can be added on to an existing service.

At Elizabeth Nicole Salon we offer a keratin infusion treatment that works wonders on damaged hair. I have very fine hair that is susceptible to breakage and at one point I could see the ends of my hair coming off with every brush stroke. I used the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Keratin Treatment on my hair and it immediately curtailed any further damage. Due to the success that I saw with my own hair, I made an immediate decision to offer this great treatment in the salon. If you are curious about this service, please ask for more information or schedule an add-on spa pack for damaged hair with your next service.

Regan Denning Dakin is co-owner of Elizabeth Nicole Salon  – A family-owned cozy, boutique Hair Salon in Walnut Creek, California. For more information, call (925) 549-2200.

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